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Lithium Werks & A123Systems cells series products
Nominal 3.3V 1.1Ah 1850W/kg 4400W/L

Primary applications are Power tools and Portable high power devices

Server BBU

Nominal 3.3V 2.5Ah Over 2600W/kg and 5800W/L
10X cycle life vs. conventional lithium ion Primary applications are Portable high power devices, Hybrid commercial truck and bus and electric vehicles (HEVs), Grid stabilization energy storage system, Stationary battery backup system, Medical carts,  Server BBU 
Nominal 3.3V 4.4Ah Over 2700W/kg and 6000W/L
Primary applications are Hybrid commercial truck and bus, Passenger HEVs, Off-highway HEVs
NMC 26Ah 
Nominal 3.65V working voltage 26Ah capacity

Primary applications are BEVs and PHEVs

Excellent balance between power & energy density

Amazing 3000+ cycle life and 5+ C continuous discharge rate comparing with common NMC cells

ALM Lead Acid Replacement Batteries
ALM 12V7
Drop-in lead acid replacement, comparing with lead acid: 5~10X longer cycle life, 50% lighter weight, No hazardous materials, environmentally-friendly lead-free construction for low carbon footprint, safe and reliable, lower total cost of ownership, significantly reduce the shipping and material handling costs and lower total inventory carrying costs, reducing maintenance and replacement costs especially for remote locations and difficult installations by lasting longer in the field making them ideal.
Primary applications are Telecommunications, IT infrastructure, Medical systems, Industrial controls, Auxiliary power unit, and Material handling equipment.
Series products are under development and will be available continuously.